ETC Intranet


Code by Plimx

Art by Hardcuore



Dec 2010

Roles: UX, User research, copywriting, QA, project manager.

ETC Intranet is a private network created to serve the film production companies inside the holding ETC: Mixer, CB Filmes and Pan Filmes. The system provides tools tailored for the film production workflow, allowing official staff and freelancers to search and share information. 

The main section, Jobs, aggregates information and files from ongoing projects during their entire production cycle. From the research, production, post-production, and launch phases, all materials are organized and accessible.

The ETC intranet also offers a wiki section, a logging tool to track freelancers working hours, chat window, and a video player to preview all previous productions from the archives.

Video: Overview of the Intranet main sections



With around 200 official employees and an extended network of freelancers, the biggest challenge for the ETC holding companies is the communication among its diverse staff members. To design a custom made tool to facilitate their internal communications, I interviewed people with various roles in the film production scope:

  • Phase 1: Open ended interviews with different people, from the CEO to the film editors, mapping the pain points in their daily tasks and communications
  • Phase 2: Wireframing
  • Phase 3: Second round of interviews using printed mock ups and A/B tests
  • Phase 4: Layout
  • Phase 5: Code

Site Map

Data base model



Mockups & Screenshots

The intranet allowed employees to share private and group messages on a chat tool. The threads could be retrieved later on a page with the history of the users conversations.

Video player allowed streaming all catalog of TV shows, films, advertisement spots, including old productions from the archives.

In the section, Jobs, all the information regarding ongoing projects is available to the different teams involved in the video production flow, such as research, pre-production, production, post-production, and PR. 

Screenshot: list of the most recent jobs

Mockup: form page to create a new job