Edson Soares

Cleiton Fermino
Rodrigo Pires

Bruno Zampoli
Leandro Costa


My roles: UX, business model design, pitch 

Created to change the way people make purchases and find local stores, Weeshh was a social network and crowd sourced catalogs of products. Shortlisted for incubator 21212 (21212.com), it had a functional prototype used by a group of approximately 200 people.



Weeshh was initially thought as a tool to crowdsource “cool hunting." With so many bloggers writing and posting pictures about products and lifestyle, I imagined a way to aggregate this content in a database that could be later used for forecasting trends.  

As Pinterest and other bookmarklet tools gained popularity, I prototyped Weeshh as a browser plugin and web platform. After installing the plugin, users could start collecting images of products from different e-commerces and blogs. 


1) Wireframing: Using online tool Hotgloo to create the structure of the web pages, I based my design creations on a research of best interaction experiences I had at that time while browsing other web services.

2) Layout: I worked with a graphic designer to create the PSDs while directing the art.

3) Code: with the help of three programmers, we developed the functional prototype.

Home page when user is not logged in

Example of a wish list page


Although the project was retired after the tests, we worked on a cleaner design for the public version of the website and started the app's wireframe. 

Homepage layout for the updated version of the desktop site

Reviews on weeshh app's wireframe