Sneakers, Stepping into the urban culture

Sneakers, Stepping into the urban culture

Edson Soares

Ana Toku
Diego Denardi

Alexandre Herchcovitch
Fabricio Costa
João Braga
Marcelo Ferrari
Endrigo Chiri
Pérsio Tagawa
Flávio Samelo
Marcus Ferrer
Florian Blot
Ricardo Nunes
Cristian Resende
Fábio Cristiano
Nicolas Prado

Sep 2008

University of Sao Paolo

My roles: research, script, camera, interviewer, editing.

Through interviews with collectors, designers, graffiti artist, skateboarders, marketers, resellers and researchers, the documentary Sneakers—Entrando de Sola na Cultura Urbana (Sneakers—Stepping into the Urban Culture) addresses the cultural relationships embodied in objects, the rise of sneaker culture in Brazil, and role of design in everyday life.

Created as a final project for the School of Communications and Arts at University of Sao Paolo (USP), the  48 min documentary called attention of the press after being selected for the 32th SP International Film Festival (

Festivals and Screenings

2008 - 32º Mostra Internacional de Cinema de São Paulo (Sao Paulo)
2008 - Screening Nike Sportswear (São Paulo)
2009 - Filme Fashion (Rio de Janeiro and Brasilia)
2010 - Filme Fashion (Rio de Janeiro and Brasilia)
2010 - Mostra Urbanidades (São Paulo)
2013 - Mostra de Cultura Urbana (São Paulo)
2013 - ArtCore (Rio de Janeiro)
2013 - Circuito de Moda e Arte VIII (São Paulo)